Opening doors to new markets

Welcome to LynxOR EU

LynxOR EU is a division of LynxOr Global, was formed exclusively to support economic growth – both export growth and foreign direct investment – between the UK and EU countries. LynxOr E.U. is our division dedicated to providing international trade and Foreign Direct Investment consulting services to European Union based corporations and governmental departments interested in opportunities within the Commonwealth.
Firstly we aim to work closely with National, State, and Provincial trade & investment departments to host a spectrum of information seminars, FDI events and trade missions for businesses proactively engaging in international growth. 
Secondly, we provide a suite of services to individual businesses looking to carry out new market research, lead generation and revenue generation opportunities. As a company we are strategically positioned to support companies during each phase of development.
LynxOr Global is committed to increasing and diversifying our relationships within the European Union parliament and Commission in Brussels, and the political leadership in each of the member nations. Our European Union division is also mandated to develop sustainable relationships for FDI and export trade with potential future EU member nations of Belarus and Ukraine.

About LynxOr

LynxOr Global was founded in 2019, bringing together the wide-ranging business interests of our founders from across the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, the European Union, the United States of America and the Middle East & Northern Africa.

A unique, truly international and multi-tiered company, LynxOr Global’s various divisions are individually structured to provide both capital appreciation and yearly income to our shareholders. Returns are generated via our three-tiered investment approach; consultation-based income; capital appreciation and royalties from equity investments in listed and public corporations; and near-passive capital appreciation from a residential income-producing portfolio.